The Spirit of Pestilence


March 13 Brother Jonathan docks with first smallpox patient
March 28 First case of smallpox reported in press
March 26 30 Indians forced to be vaccinated (inoculated?)
April 16 30 more Indians vaccinated
April 25 Bishop Hills visits Tsimshian camp, 20 dead, 11 more cases
April 26 DBC reported that Helmcken vaccinated over 500 Natives
April 27 Garrett meets with Pemberton to ask for help, doesn’t get it
April 28 Pemberton gives Tsimshian one day to leave, threatens with gunboats
April 29 Songhees desert Reserve and go to Discovery Islands to isolate themselves
May 1 Most of Tsimshian leave, their houses burned
April 29 Smallpox hospital at northerners’ camp completed (two rough buildings)
April30 Six patients moved into smallpox hospital, cared for by Garrett
May 5 Remaining Tsimshian died
May 7 Bishop Hills visits hospital, ten cases, one just dead,14 cases outside hospital
May 9 Bishop Hills visits hospital, nine inside, one dying, 13 cases outside hospital
May 11 H.M.S. Grappler and H.M.S. Forward escort twenty-six canoes out of harbour
May 13 Police destroy all lodges at northerners’ camp, leaving 200 Haidas with no canoes and no homes
May 14 Police evict Stikines at Laurel Point
May 24 Three corpses on beach during Victoria Day celebrations
May 27 Garrett visits Haida at Ogden Point, out of 70 people, 30 were sick
June 1 10 or 12 surviving Haida at Ogden Point "stampeded"
June 4 Police go to Ogden Point to evict remaining Haida, camp abandoned, burn houses
June 6 33 Natives in smallpox hospital
Fall Epidemic over in Victoria, only occasional cases, epidemic continues to spread in rest of BC