One hundred years after the death of the Queen Victoria, the Globe and Mail published an article stating that the queen

…epitomized an era and help build an empire. But the centenary of Queen Victoria's death is passing with surprisingly little fanfare in the nation that was transformed in her 63-year reign.

Having examined memorials of the death of the Queen, it is evident that the loyalty demonstrated by the people of Victoria has been lost as British Columbians' affinity to the crown has faded. The centenary of the Queen's death was largely forgotten by the people of Victoria on January 22, 2001. However, the occasion was marked by The Royal Wax Museum. The wax statue of Queen Victoria was available for visitors to pose for a photograph.

The shadows of the Queen's legacy are still evident in subtle reminders including street names, buildings, sites, and the name of the capital city of British Columbia. Her statue remains on the grounds of the legislative buildings, however many have forgotten her significance. Queen Victoria's birthday was declared momentous enough to warrant a national holiday. However, the significance of this day has been lost. Victoria Day is now just another long weekend…

Statue of Queen Victoria at Legislative building in Victoria

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