The Chinese Benevolent Society of British Columbia gathered for a special meeting to draft a letter sent to the Secretary of State for the Colonies Joseph Chamberlain in London. The message stated that:

The Chinese Benevolent society of British Columbia on behalf of the Chinese in Canada desire to extend their sympathy to the royal family and the British nation for the irreparable loss that has been sustained by the death of Her Most Gracious Majesty, and they join with all faithful subjects in profound grief for one who, beloved by all classes and nations, labored for the good of mankind, whose name will ever be referred to with love and reverence and whose noble work will endure forever.11

Lee Cheong - President of the Society

It was decided unanimously at City Council that a message of sorrow would be sent on January 23 1901 on behalf of the citizens of Victoria by the Mayor to London through the Governor General. The message stated:

The people of Victoria express deep sorrow at the magnitude of the loss the Empire has sustained in the death of a Sovereign who for over sixty years has commanded the highest esteem and affectionate homage of millions of subjects and the universal respect of mankind, and whose life has been a noble example of truth, purity, and goodness and now remains a treasured legacy for all time to come.

And they also desire to express their loyalty and devotion to her Illustrious son and successor His Majesty Kind Edward VII and royal consort and earnestly pray that their reign may be long, peaceful, wise and good.12

Chas. Hayward Mayor of the City of Victoria, B.C.


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