For any four chapters of the book (could be an appendix), do the following:

1. Write a question that you either know the answer to (or that you can find the answer to), and answer it.

2. Write a question that you could not find (or understand) the answer to.

3. Write a comment on the material -- do you have any thoughts about anything you've read?
This can be subjective; an example would be to find and listen to music by one of the composers mentioned in Chapter 1.
What did you think of it -- was it appealing or appalling ?


1 Sound, Music, and Computers

2 Periodicity, Pitch, and Waves

3 Sine Waves and Resonance

4 Scales and Beats

5 Consonance and Dissonance

6 Consonance and Dissonance and Harmony

7 Ears to Hear With

8 Power and Loudness

9 Masking

10 Other Phenomena of Hearing

11 Architectural Acoustics

12 Sound Reproduction

13 Musical Instruments, Analysis, and Synthesis

14 Perception, Illusion, and Effect


A Terminology 123

B Mathematical Notation 225

C Physical Quantities and Units 227

D Mathematics and Waves 228

E Reflection of Waves 234

F Digital Generation of Sound 239

G The MIDI Standard 248

H MAX 252