Music 306 

Recording Techniques

Lab 3

Using Sonic Solutions to Create an EDL


DUE:  November 11, 2003


For many years, Sonic Solutions was the top choice for CD mastering in high-end studios around the world.  Pro Tools at that time was considered a toy in many professional studios.  Since then, Pro Tools has improved immensely and Sonic Solutions has moved into DVD.  Here at UVic, we have a classic Sonic System, which still performs and sounds top-notch.


 Use the Sonic Solutions mastering system in in B002 to create a natural performance of the Bach Sarabande  (from the Partita for Solo Violin  no. 1, BWV 1002) played on the guitar.  You will start with a recording on the hard disk (called MU306 Sarabande)  that includes a run-through of the piece (no repeats) and several other takes of various sections.  Your task is to listen to all the takes, find the mistakes and corrections in the material, and reassemble it to produce an acceptable performance.  Examples of obvious problems:  noise, some mumbling,  dropped keys,  etc.   There is also a lot of breath noise.  You can decide how much of that is natural and whether you want to try to fix it.  Do your best to make this performance perfect.


Turn in an EDL (put it in the MUS 306 folder on the internal disk) and a Word file explaining what you did, issues, problems, special edits, also in this folder.



Notation of Sarabande.