LFI! 2.0 uses fun games to train face-processing skills!

In the Name Game, tap the corresponding label to match the photo, featuring one of the Tech Team members, Jon.

The new level of LFI! Splash is hot air balloons!
Touch the correct balloon to get points.

Another level of LFI! Splash is the rainy level.
Tap the corresponding raindrop!

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Let's Face It!

We develop powerful state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the socio-emotional skills of children with ASD. Our easy to use, inexpensive software has been modeled by researchers and made a reality by our programmers.

Currently we are in the final stages of development of Let's Face It! Scrapbook, an innovative application where the content is no longer static, it's personal. The user becomes one with the application - literally. Children are now able to create their picture and video content, organize it, and play with it with a few taps. The new LFI! has been overhauled to be more gamified and fun, including engaging, colourful graphics, a series of uniquely themed levels, and even a few hidden tricks!

Children might think they are playing games, but the application is much more than just fun. It's an effective instrument for the children to remember faces and names, and recognize emotions- while they play!