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The West Coast posse has grown: University of British Columbia and the University of Washington are joined by Tableau, SFU, UVic, and UC Merced this year, for the ninth annual

WestCoast Party at VIS19!

Thu Oct 24, 9:00pm - 1:00am

What's New!

  • Tamara's InfoVis Group is part of the cross-disciplinary Designing for People initiative at UBC, which welcomes grad students across all areas of HCI including visualization. Ana Crisan has finished her PhD and joined Tableau Research, as has recent alum Matt Brehmer. Tamara is celebrating a Test of Time award for her 2009 paper on the nested model, and joining the IEEE Visualization Academy as an inaugural fellow. UBC CS will be hiring in many areas, including an open call where visualization applicants will be welcome.

  • Jeff's Interactive Data Lab at UW continues to thrive: Jane Hoffswell is completing her PhD this year, so talk to her about job openings!; Dominik Moritz completed his PhD and will be joining CMU's Human-Computer Interaction Institute as an Assistant Professor; Halden Lin earned his MS degree and has joined IDL-alum Kanit Wongsuphasawat on Apple's Machine Learning team. Jeff has been named an inaugural fellow in the IEEE Visualization Academy, though will sadly miss VIS this year while (not sadly) enjoying a sabbatical year in Berlin. In addition, UW CSE is looking for faculty applicants in visualization, and, on the heels of a $100M fund raise, Trifacta is hiring engineers, designers, and product managers!

  • Maureen's Tableau Research has added new members Ana Crisan and Matt Brehmer, plus Vidya Setlur has returned from helping to launch the Ask Data product. Melanie Tory now manages a group inside of Tableau User Research. Meanwhile, Jock Mackinlay has become Tableau’s first Technical Fellow, and is also joining the IEEE Visualization Academy as an inaugural fellow. Tableau is looking for new people for 2020, including interns. Maureen is especially looking for a person or two to help her on the management side. (

  • Sheelagh and her InnoVis research group are now at SFU, Burnaby Campus. She is setting up a new lab ixLab | Interactive Experiences with Prof. Parmit Chilana. She is celebrating an InfoVis Best Paper award for Jagoda Walny et al.'s paper on Data Changes Everything, and joining the IEEE Visualization Academy as an inaugural fellow. Her PostDocs Jo Vermuelen, Miriam Sturdee, Helen He, Gonzalo Mendez are newly starting tenure-track positions and Marjan Eggermont's PhD project BioMole is now being hosted by NASA for Ask Nature's biomimicry website ( - check it out (the interaction was inspired by the motion of slime mould). SFU Computing Science is hiring across all levels and all areas (including visualization and HCI!) and we, InnoVis, are actively looking for graduate students and PostDocs.

  • Charles has joined the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria where he just created UViz, the (perhaps) westernmost infovis group in North America. Beautiful Victoria is located on beautiful Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, just across the Strait of Georgia. HCI and Visualization are expanding fast at UVic and we are actively looking for grad students (particularly PhD students).

  • Lace has started as a new faculty member at UC Merced in the Cognitive and Information Sciences department. She recently launched the SPACE (Spatial Perception, Applied Cognition & Education) lab, where they examine the cognitive science behind how people make decisions with visualizations. She is accepting applications for two graduate positions. (

The Blackbird Public House
905 Dunsmuir St
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1A8

Thu Oct 24, 9:00pm - 1:00am

It’s an 8 minute walk from the Convention Centre: walk south five blocks down Hornby until you get to Dunsmuir, it's immediately around the corner to your right. There will be a coat check on the main floor, where you can leave coats and backpacks. Go up the stairs or elevator to the main bar on the second floor, which will be the high-energy area; we'll also have the third floor, which is only reachable by elevator, and likely to be a bit quieter.

Find a host from the Tableau, UBC, UW, SFU, UVic, or UC Merced Tableau, UBC, UW, SFU, UVic, or UC-Merced research groups, to see if we still have drink tickets left - there are 48 beers on tap, with a lot of local good stuff, plus wine and highballs. Otherwise, there will be a cash bar. The scotch bar will be available for your perusal, as well. It’s fine to bring other people along.

We hope to see you there!

Tamara Munzner (UBC)

Jeffrey Heer (UW)

Maureen Stone (Tableau)

Sheelagh Carpendale (SFU)

Charles Perin (UVic)

Lace Padilla (UC-Merced)

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