After a three-year hiatus, the West Coast Party returns for its 10th edition, co-hosted by Tableau, University of British Columbia, University of Washington, and University of Victoria.

WestCoast Party at VIS23

Tue Oct 24 2023, 9pm-midnight

What's New!

The Emerald Peacock
233 Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Tue Oct 24, 9:00pm - midnight

It’s on the east side of Melbourne's CBD (Central Business District). It's around 20-25 minutes by transit from the Convention Centre, or 20 minutes by transit from the VISAP Opening at Library at the Dock. There will be a coat check, where you can leave coats and backpacks.

Find a host from the Tableau, UBC, UW, or UVic research groups, to see if we still have drink tickets left. Otherwise, there will be a cash bar. It’s fine to bring other people along.

We hope to see you there!

Vidya Setlur (Tableau)

Tamara Munzner (UBC)

Jeffrey Heer (UW)

Leilani Battle (UW)

Charles Perin (UVic)

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