Rod Edwards, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Victoria

Other stuff

Layla Osberg - award winning coffee artist (also my niece)
Erik and Carl Osberg - artists (also my nephews)
Erik's chase film
Carl Osberg, printmaker
Marty Osberg, artist (also my brother-in-law)
Terri Peters at Ryerson, an architect and architecture journalist (also my niece) - see also Terri Peters at Archinect
Cliff Edwards, inventor (also my brother) and founder of Envisioning Labs
Geoffrey Edwards, a professor of geomatics and a writer (also my brother)
Roger White, an archaeologist (also my cousin)

Viking Siege - an ancient Scandinavian boardgame

(works under DOS or Windows systems up to some versions of XP, but not Vista or Windows 7; works slowly under DOSBOX)

Edo Historical Chess Ratings - A new historical chess rating system applied to results from 1814-1937

International (FIDE) chess rating inflation - Some analysis

Articles on chess history I have published online at ChessCafé.com:
The life (and chess) of Hyppolite du Bourblanc - Aug. 2013
'Le temps des combats de géants' - Jun. 2009
Judy, a Forgotton Genius of the 1850s (Part 2) - Nov. 2008
Judy, a Forgotton Genius of the 1850s (Part 1) - Oct. 2008

Some of Judy's games can be played through online at Batgirl's chess blog.
Batgirl has also kindly posted a selection of Judy's problems for me [Part i] [Part ii] [Part iii] [Part iv] [Part v] [Part vi] [Part vii].

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Last updated: 25 Jul. 2023