XML Object Package for TCL

Current Versions:

Author: Evan Rempel erempel@UVic.CA

This package uses the TCL XML package to parse XML documents, and uses the Tree package to produce a hierachical representation of the XML document.

::XMLObject::setTrimChars string

When data is parsed from the XML document, these characters are trimmed off the ends of the data. By default, the trimmed character set is "\n\t\r "

::XMLObject::parse XMLData

Return a tree (See package Tree) that is a representation of the XML data. The name of children are the names of the XML tags, and the data is placed into the user attribute called value. Any tag attributes are also added to the tree attributes.

::XMLObject::format treeToken

Return an XML like string representing the XML data. This output is identical to the output of hte ::Tree::format routine.

Revision History

Version 3.4 - Jan 29, 2002

Version 3.3 - June 19, 2001

Version 3.2 - May 21, 2001

Version 3.1 - ?

Version 2.2 - June 19, 2001

Version 2.1 - ?

Version 2.0 - Dec 20, 2000

Version 1.1 - Oct 9, 2000

Version 1.0