Evan Wilde

Technical Experience

Programming LanguagesC, C++, Python(2.x, 3.x), Java, C#, ARMv6 and ARMv7 Assembly languages, SQL, R
Operating SystemsLinux (Ranging from Ubuntu to Arch)
ExtrasProficient in LaTeX. Proficient in Blender 3D. Proficient in HTML and CSS. Proficient with Git version control software.


University of Victoria logo University of Victoria

Degree Type: Masters, M.Sc.


Degree Type: Honors B.Sc.


PSU logoPortland State University

Degree Type: N/A

A few of my high school friends and I had finished all of the math courses available at the high school-level, so we were advised to take courses at the university, or get dual-enrollment credit. Since we were still in high school, we were unable to spend very much time on campus and working with peers, but it was still a fun experience being on campus.

Clackamas High School

Degree Type: Honors high school diploma

Volunteer Experience

University of Victoria logo University of Victoria

Orientation Time Keeper

Helped synchronize the computer science and engineering department orientation presentations to ensure smooth, seamless transitions.
Also helped with the preparations beforehand.

Study Sessions

Helped at CSC 110 and 115 study sessions, assisting students with questions about programming and computer science before their final exam.

Guest Lecturer

Gave a lecture for the CSC 305, Introduction to computer graphics, at the University of Victoria.
Discussed my research on the marching triangles algorithm and continued their lecture material with content on the scene-graph.

International Student Orientation Leader

Introduced international students in the engineering department to the campus though a guided tour.

Hour of Code Hour of Code


Helped mentor elementary school-students in learning the basics of programming.

UVic 50th logo University of Victoria 50th Anniversary


Helped people find the buildings where the events were being held. Also helped lost guests find their way again.

Free Geek logo Free Geek

Computer Builder

2010 - 2012
Fixed and refurbished computers to be donated to schools or sold to people at very low prices

Saturday Academy logo Saturday Academy


Helped mentor middle-school students in 3D graphics, game programming, and robotics to enhance their understanding of computer science and math

Work Experience

Uvic LogoUniversity of Victoria

CSC 110 Teaching Assistant

Fall 2016
Instructed three lab sections for CSC 110, "Fundamentals of Programming I". This course is a student's first introduction to programming a computer.

CSC 230 Teaching Assistant

Spring 2016
Helped design and mark assignments for CSC 230, "Introduction to Computer Architecture" at the University of Victoria. Invigilated the final exam.

Opensesame logo

Product Developer

Worked in a small team to create a program that was able to decompile a flash e-learning course file, edit key features such as titles and emblems, then recompile the flash file.


Microsoft Logo

In teams of three, we were challenged with six problems, each with different difficulties. We then tried to solve them in 3 hours. The problems tested our ability to write code that could handle unusual inputs. A problem might be along the lines of finding the longest palindrome in a paragraph. Included in the paragraph might be a snowman character, or an emoticon. Our code needed to handle such cases appropriately.

My team:

Battle Snake LogoBattle Snake

The competition was to write an AI to play the game of snake. We worked in teams to write the AI in six hours. We deployed the AI to the heroku cloud application platform.

Our team used a depth-first traversal of the graph to determine the next best move. It would traverse the graph, determine which move would warrant the highest point yield, and make that move. If the next move contained a snake, it would return a negative weight and not choose that move.

My team:

Our code

Battle Snake LogoBattle Snake (Round 2)

The competition is still to write an AI to play the game of snake. This year, I only worked with one other person. We still deployed the snake AI to the heroku cloud platform.

This time, the code was a lot weirder, and this came through in the final competition. Essentially, we sorted the pieces of food in order of Manhattan distance from our head. Or so we thought. Turns out, the snake had other ideas. It would pick a piece, and it would keep going after that piece. We didn't seen any real order in its method, but I'm sure there is something. The first round, it actually did quite well and people were expecting it to win. Then it made a turn and got stuck. It would look at the next best move to take to get to the food. It would also look at coins. If its head was closer (again Manhattan distance) to the coin than any of the heads of other snakes, it would go after the coin.

NOTE: This is perhaps the worst code and repository structure I've done in a long time. Given more time, there are many things that would be done differently.

Our code