Rogue Waves, Unexpected Waves, Wave Trends

Johannes Gemmrich

Occurrence rates of rogue waves

Exceedance probability P of normalized crest height (top) and normalized wave heights (bottom) for a simulated wave field corresponding to a JONSWAP spectrum with forth order Stokes correction. A standard Weibull distribution would result in strait lines. The curvature of the line implies a higher occurrence rate of extreme wave and crest heights than predicted by the standard model, depending on the initial wave steepness R (see Gemmrich & Garrett 2012, NHESS.)


Rogue waves - popular sciences

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Rogue waves, unexpected waves

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Wave trends, wave physics

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THE MATHEMATICS OF EXTREME SEA WAVES, held at Fields Institute, June 2011  

ROGUE WAVES, 14th 'Aha Huliko'a Hawaiian Winter Workshop, 2005  

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