Some old Julia sets generated in QuickBASIC or QB64, where colouring depends on how quickly the computer decided that the point was diverging.

Orbits generated using a simple orbit plotter written in JavaScript

George Lee

I am a PhD student under the supervision of Anthony Quas in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Victoria. My research is loosely focused on the areas of dynamical systems and ergodic theory.

Before coming to UVic to start my PhD I studied at the University of Glasgow, and earlier still, Girton College, Cambridge.

Apart from my main focus on pure mathematics, I have worked in between studies as a developer of technical and scientific software and algorithms.


My PhD has focused on proving and hopefully applying the multiplicative ergodic theorem, also known as Oseledets' theorem, as well as investigating using similar proof methods to derive other results in the field. The main punchline so far has been a simplified proof of this result in a general context. While (I claim that) this proof is interesting in itself, next steps of interest would be what more we can conclude when studying various specific contexts where the result applies. Questions like those of the stability of the perturbation, or uniform control on growth and the angles between the fast and slow spaces, may have highly variable answers depending on setting.


I am curious and may have an epsilon of experience in a few other, occasionally vaguely related subjects. I have programmed as a job, and remain interested in understanding how best to compute things.


As well as lecturing introduction to calculus, I have TAed for a range of undergraduate courses, both as a tutorial/lab leader and while working in the Mathematics and Statistics Assistance Centre.

This fall semester I am continuing to work in the Maths and Stats Assistance Centre and working as TA for math 248: computer assisted mathematics and physics.


  • Office: DTB A534 (David Turpin Building)
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    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of Victoria
    Victoria, BC
    CANADA V8W 2Y2