About this site

To navigate the website select a button at the top (Church, Community, Congregation, and this section, Home) and click on it. Within the sections there are subcategories to choose from in the bar on the left hand side of the page (ex: different biographies, etc.). Webpages have sources noted in them that when you click on a source you will be taken to a page with the source listed and occasionally viewable (as in the case of material gathered from The British Colonist).

The website has a summary feature available when you mouse over most underlined and coloured names, an increase/decrease type feature on the left, and a print feature that simplifies the webpage for easy printing.

The website you are viewing is the result of a University of Victoria History course by Professor John Lutz called History 481: Microhistory and the Internet. The website was built during the fall of 2009. The website was created by: Jim Kempling, Kim Madsen, Alison Lindsay, and Andrew Reid. Get to know them below!


This site would not have been possible without the hard work of several individuals, institutions, and of course St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.
The creators of this site would like to thank:
Dr. Allan Arneil of the St. Andrew's Archives
The Session of St. Andrew's
The Provincial Archives of BC
The University of Victoria
and Professor John Lutz

The Authors/Designers

Alison Lindsay
Alison Lindsay is a fourth year English major, History minor from Whitehorse, Yukon. She thought she would continue with church related work by choosing to work on the St. Andrew's website, since she has worked the past three summers in Whitehorse's Old Log Church Museum.

Kim Madsen
Kim Madsen has worked as a Nurse and Health Educator for twenty-three years. Currently she is working towards a degree in History. She has found History 481 to be exceptionally interesting because it combines historical study with computer skills.

Jim Kempling
Jim Kempling is retired Colonel (PPCLI) and former Assistant Deputy Minister with the Government of BC. He is also an elder and member of the Session of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid just did not recieve a big enough dose of history when he earned his degree in history and so enrolled in the class that produced this website while working on his B.Sc. Andrew is working on boosting his academic resume after several years of existence as a ski bum and vagabond traveller.