St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

St. Andrews in 1890

Welcome to historic St Andrew's Presbyterian Church in the heart of Queen Victoria's Victoria. St. Andrew's, was established in the middle of Victoria's reign in 1866. The aim of this website is to present to viewers a microhistory focused on St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and its members. Microhistory focuses on individuals or events and connects them to broader social issues. History happens in small units interacting with each other, not easily serialized or elucidated.(1)

Victoria changed dramatically between 1866 and 1901 and the church and its members played a significant role in that change. In 1866 the crude roads were often impassable in wet weather. There were no utilities, telephones or street lights. The population of under 7,000 was largely male and British. By the end of Victoria's reign in 1901, the population had more than tripled. Impressive new buildings, including St Andrew's, graced her streets. Some of the streets were paved, electric street light illuminated the downtown and telephones connected several hundred users. As you explore this site you will learn that St Andrew's and its members played a pivotal role in many of the changes.

(1) John Lutz, "The Web Gives and It Takes Away," Canadian Historical Association Bulletin vol. 33 n 2 (2007) 38-9.