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 The Jean De Lalonde Monument

Our family originated in the Archdiocese of Rouen in Normandy France. Our first ancestor Jean De Lalonde was living in Baie D'Urfé when he was killed along with 9 others by the Iroquois on September 30, 1687.

The Association Famille Lalonde D'Amérique erected this monument in Baie D'Urfé in honor of Jean. The monument stands on land that was part of the farm of Jean De Lalonde. The monument is now the property of the association and maintained by it.

The following is a description of the monument by its architect Nelu Wolfensohn:

It is by projecting the past into the present that a monument perpetuates memories, encourages reflection, and compares today's realities with those of yesteryear.

Indeed, the sketches of the monument in commemoration of Jean de Lalonde, who settled in New France over three centuries ago, were conceived in this light. Solitary testimonial of the past to generations of the future, the work was to extend beyond the bounds of the artist's own creative emotion to express a symbolic message in a clear, visual and coherent language - a reflection of contemporary esthetic taste and criteria.

The essence of the visual message is simple. The monument, comprising two stylized letter L's, is steeped in the heritage of Quebec. Like the Lalondes, it rises powerful and solitary, as a secular tree, it's profile projected against the clouds of time. And what other material than granite - strong, rugged, and unyielding - can better express the sheer tenacity and strength exhibited by the men and women who built this country.
        —Nelu Wolfensohn

The monument bears the following inscription:

Jean de Lalonde


Soldat et pionnier, il quitte la Normandie en 1665 pour la Nouvelle-France. En 1685, il devint le premier marguillier de la paroisse Saint-Louis, ou il mourut deux ans plus tard dans une enbuscade le 30 septembre 1687.

A soldier and pioneer, he left his native Normandy in 1665 to settle in New France. In 1685, he became the first churchwarden of Saint-Louis Parish, where he died in an ambush two years later in 1687.

Famille Lalonde d'Amérique
Baie d'Urfé, septembre 1987

Photo provided by Normand Lalonde (normand.lalonde@sympatico.ca)
Text provided by Eric Lalonde (Ericllnd@aol.com)

Another photo of the monument also by Normand Lalonde

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