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Hands-on Activities


Fun group activites are critical for increased face understanding. In addition to the Let's Face It! software are a number of engaging hands-on activities. Helping children become "face experts," these activities may be used with or without the use of the LFI! software. 

All activities are separated into the four domains based on the Hierarchical Face-Processing Model.


Domain I: Looking at Faces


Domain II: Recognizing Facial Identity & Expression


Domain III: Understanding the Social Meaning of Faces


* New * Domain III Activity: Face Off!


The goal of this activity is to faciliate social interaction by promoting social awareness, eye contact and expression making. 

In this activity, each participant wears a headband with an emotion word or a picture of a famous person/cartoon/animal attached to the front of it. One by one, each participant gets a turn to ask a yes/no question about their picture or emotion word. The rest of the group is encouraged to provide clues to help the participant guess the emotion word or the picture identity on their headband. 

We have a collection of emotion words that vary in difficulty level, so this game can easily be tailored to the ability level of the students in your group activity. This game can accomodate any group size, but we recommend between 2-10 students per game.

Download Face Off!



* New * Domain III Activity: Charades


The goal of Charades is to facilitate the child’s awareness of how emotion, identity and social situation can be conveyed through faces.

Charades is a great role-playing activity for children to practice social situations and expressions. By acting out emotions, identities and social situations, children are able to gain an understanding of the importance of these elements in social interactions.

In our version of Charades, participants act alone or in pairs. This game is best played with 2 or more players. The audience will try and guess what the actor is portraying and when they guess correctly, the next actor can have a turn.

Download Charades



* New * Domain III Activity: Expression Wizard


Expression Wizard was created by an LFI! outreach team member in order to facilitate social interaction by promoting social awareness, eye contact, and the formation of facial expressions. This game is very adaptable, and is best used in a group setting with children of varying abilities.

In this activity, students will participate in groups of five or more. This activity requires participants to make eye contact with other players as they walk around the room. The “wizard” must be especially aware of his/her social surroundings, because he or she will need to discretely make eye contact with another player and make an expression face to them. The other players will need to be able to recognize the expressions made the wizard.


Download Expression Wizard