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School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education of Victoria

University of Victoria

I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education (EPHE) in the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria (UVic). My teaching and research areas include personal health, wellness and potential, leadership, active health and workplace wellness.

Undergraduate Courses

This course examines lifestyle behaviours which have the power to enhance or diminish personal health, wellness and potential. Current wellness models and motivational theories are reviewed and applied to wellness planning as related to personal and professional performance. Topics include: physical activity and health; nutrition; stress management; substance use/abuse; environmental awareness; goal setting; change theory and the process of decision-making.

EPHE 142

Personal Health, Wellness and Potential

This course reviews health topics outlined in the BC Ministry of Education IRPs for Physical Education and Health and Career Education. The course focuses on how physical education teachers can use student-centered learning approaches to encourage students to become active advocates for their own health. Topics include quality daily physical education, active living, eating disorders, stress management, nutrition, and personal and school health planning.


EPHE 246

Teaching Strategies for Active Health

This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to leadership, teaching, communication, and decision-making skills in recreation/leisure services, sport, and fitness.

EPHE 252

Leadership Methods for Recreation and Health Education

Graduate Programs

The School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees:

  • MA Physical Education
  • MA Leisure Service Administration
  • MA Kinesiology
  • MEd Coaching Studies (Cooperative Education)
  • MSc Kinesiology
  • Ph.D.

Prospective graduate students can find further information about graduate programs in the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education on the school’s website.

General information about graduate studies at the University of Victoria can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

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