NOWCAM 2021 Online Program is Here Now!


NOWCAM 2021 was held 14-15 May 2021 in Zoomlandia:


At 9:30 am on May 14 2021, the conference kicked off with a keynote by Dr. Elizabeth Kensinger from Boston College, an expert in emotion and memory. The keynote title: It's not all bad: How we remember positive events and find the good in the bad. Here is a video of the talk. 

NOWCAM 2021 also included three excellent workshops (one on thesis/dissertation writing, one on R, and one of careers in psychology).  

Videos for workshops:

1)Introduction to R Workshop (Facilitators: Nicki Anderson, Kevin Roberts). This workshop is designed for beginners, with no R experience. 

2) Dissertation Writing Panel (Facilitators: Janel Fergusson, Grace Truong, Trish Varao-Sousa)

3) Careers for Psychology Grads (Facilitators: Allison Brennan, Christopher Madan, Meghan Norris). Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch, the first part of the Careers workshop is cut off. 

NOWCAM 2021 was hosted by UBC Psychology ked by Daniela Palombo & Peter Graf, and a team of dedicated graduate students: Nada Alaifan, Anna Maslany, Natasha Pestonji-Dixon, & Aria Petrucci

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