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Summary of Scholarship

The following linked document is a summary list of my refereed publications. Journal articles are ordered by journal rank.  Book chapters are ordered by citation numbers. Citation numbers are from Google Scholar. Linked document: Summary of Scholarship.


Refereed Journal Articles

This list is ordered by journal rank (and follows the numbering in the Summary of Scholarship above).  Each item is linked to the published paper (except item #20, which was published in French).

1. Equilibrium Pollution Taxes in Open Economies with Imperfect Competition, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 1994.

2. Pollution Control: the Role for Publicly Provided Information (with Benoit Laplante and John Maxwell), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 1994.

3. But What Does it Mean? Competition Between Products Carrying Alternative Green Labels When Consumers are Active Acquirers of Information (with Anthony Heyes, Sandeep Kapur, Steve Martin and John Maxwell), Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2020.

4. State Enforcement of Federal Standards: Implications for Interstate Pollution (with Emma Hutchinson), Resource and Energy Economics, 2008.

5. The Relationship Between Income Growth and Emissions for a Transboundary Pollutant (with Emma Hutchinson), Resource and Energy Economics, 2014.

6. The Market Provision of Club Goods in the Presence of Scale Economies, Economica, 1990.

7. Adapting to Climate Change: Equilibrium Welfare Effects for Large and Small Economies (with Martin Farnham), Environmental & Resource Economics, 2015.

8. Cooperative Action on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Distribution of Global Output and Damage, Environmental & Resource Economics, 2016.

9. Industry Structure and Compliance with Environmental Standards (with Dale Chua and Benoit Laplante), Economics Letters, 1992.

10. Information Processing and Organization Design, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 1994.

11. Economic Progress and Skill Obsolescence with Network Effects (with Ian King), Economic Theory, 2005.

12. Performance Pay, Productivity and Morale, Economic Record, 1995.

13. Word-of-Mouth Communication and Price as a Signal of Quality, Economic Record, 1994.

14. Optimal Early Action on Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Canadian Journal of Economics, 2002.

15. Learning About Environmental Damage: Implications for Emissions Trading, Canadian Journal of Economics, 1999.

16. Production Externalities and the Efficiency of Parental Childcare Choices (with Linda Welling), Canadian Journal of Economics, 1997.

17. Subsidies for the Production of Cleaner Energy: Do They Cause Emissions to Rise? (with Emma Hutchinson and Cristina Martinez), The BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 2010.

18. Simple Pricing Schemes for Pollution Control under Asymmetric Information (with Benoit Laplante and Dale Whittington), The BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 2010.

19. Economic Incentives for a Healthy Diet: A Comparison of Policies in a Canadian Context, The BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 2010.

20. Stochastic Innovation and the Cost of Environmental Regulation, Actualité economiqué, 1994.