What is the RDC?
The Research Data Centre (RDC) provides researchers with the opportunity to access and analyse microdata from over 400 datasets, including survey, census and administrative data.

Can anyone use the RDC?
Anyone can apply to use RDC data. The application process varies depending on the Principal Investigators' affiliation. UVic Faculty, graduate students and honours students are all encouraged to apply to use the data as part of a research project or thesis. Researchers not affiliated with a university may also be eligible to utilize the RDC; please contact us for more information: rdc@uvic.ca

Is there a cost to using the RDC?
Using the RDC is free for researchers affiliated with UVic and other institutions with membership in the Canadian Research Data Centres Network. Charges may apply for researchers not affiliated with an eligible institution.
For more information on fees, please go to Fees on the Statistics Canada RDC website.

How do I gain access to an RDC?
Researchers interested in using the Uvic Research Data Centre or any of the other Research Data Centres should visit the Statistics Canada application website. The application includes a research project proposal that is reviewed on the basis of academic merit and need for access to the confidential microdata.

How does Statistics Canada determine need for access?
If you can complete your project using public use (DLI) data, then the project will not be approved. Any study that requires a longitudinal methodology, where the same people are followed in more than one time period, requires RDC access. The public use files often suppress particular variables that your project may require, such as geographic variables. Find out as much as you can about the data before applying.

How can I access the public use data?
There is no substitute for getting a copy of the public use files, and exploring them in order to assess your projects data requirements. UVic affiliates can access public use microdata files (PUMFs) through the the UVic Library Data Services Dataverse.

What datasets are available in the RDC?
For a database of available data in the RDC please visit the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) website.

I've explored the public use data and I think I have a project that needs access to data through the RDC. What do I do now?
The principal investigator will need to prepare and submit a research proposal. Please see the template (hyperlink to: https://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/microdata/data-centres/forms). An RDC Analyst can provide an informal review and comments for the proposal before it is submitted for formal review. Please contact the RDC to arrange an informal review of a research proposal.

How long can the application process take?
The application process can take up to eight weeks. Researchers should submit their applications well before planning to access the centre.

Can I also use RDCs located at other Canadian universities?
Yes, all RDCs are connected via a private RDC network. Thus, researchers can collaborate with researchers across the Canada, and also to work on their projects from other RDCs, away from UVic.

Can teams of researchers work together across multiple RDCs?
Yes, all RDCs across the country are networked together, facilitating collaboration across multiple sites.

What software packages are available?
We currently have SAS, SPSS, STATA, R, and ArcGIS available for use, along with Microsoft Office. If you require another software package, please let us know. It may be possible for us to obtain the software you require.

How can I learn more about Research Data Centres?
For more information please visit the Statistics Canada website for the Research Data Centres Program and the Canadian Research Data Centres Network website.