Pinnie Tag
Game/Task Outline

Tactical Problem: To elude the defender.
Skill development: Maximum certainty of movements . Changes in direction and use of fakes to lose defender.

Teaching Points: 
  • Warm- up game requiring the student to evade the defender. Use of fakes to avoid being caught, as well as shielding the pinnie from opponent. Also using other students as protection. (i.e. screens)
  • Can either be group against group, or individual against group.
  • Group against group requires students to work together in order to collect pinnies in quickest time. (i.e. tactics such as trapping on defense).
  • Knowledge of spatial awareness. (i.e. where the open field is, where the opponent is, and where my teammates are).
  • Demands quick decision making skills for both offense and defense. (Defense is team with pinnies)
  • Promotes tight defense.


Every student begins game with a pinnie tucked into their shorts/pants. 3/4 of the pinnie must be showing. Students are to run a grab other student pinnies. Is a team effort, the team with the most pinnies collected in the quickest time wins, if an individual effort, the student with the most pinnies wins. It is encouraged to emphasize a team approach, to highlight cooperation as the main task.



Organizational Points: 
  • Use of grid helps designate specific play area. Increase grid size depending on number of students in the game.
  • Increase play area to increase complexity for defense OR decrease play area to increase complexity for offense.
  • Have students in pairs, number them #1 and #2. Have the #2's get a pinnie and have the #1's be the attacking team. 
  • Team that collects the pinnies in the shortest amount of time wins the game. (pinnies have to be brought back to specific area for game to be complete.
  • Switch offense and defense when the game ends.
  • Start and stop game on whistle.