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Sunday April 5 – Monday April 6, 2020
1962 – 2020 : 59 Fairs and counting

Online Registration

To register, please follow carefully the instructions below
If in doubt about the registration procedure see Registration Explained

  1. Enter Your Name, School and Teacher Name, and Project Title in the boxes below
  2. If you have not already done so, download a copy of the Information Package
  3. Click on the Submit and go to the Science Fair... button.
    This will direct you to the Science Fair in a Box website.
    You MUST fill in the online form by Thursday, February 27 on that website to register -- this is compulsory.
    Registration will be enabled starting in January 2020
  4. Submit your summary report copies, signed permission and declarations form and registration fee by mail - Thursday, March 12 is the deadline.
    NOTE: This is before the School Spring Break.

ATTENTION: If your project involves human subjects you must get them is sign a consent form
See the Rules page for an example of a proper consent form

Student (only the information for one student is needed here for dual student projects)

First Name
Last Name

School & Teacher

School Name
Teacher's Name



Project Type

You MUST select the appropriate category – only select one box

        There are three project types (see the judging guidelines for each of these) :
  • Experiment - Traditionally the most common type of project. Involves scientific experiment to test a specific hypothesis in which variables are controlled.
  • Innovation - Involves the development and evaluation of new devices, models, techniques or approaches in fields such as technology, engineering, or computers (software and hardware).
  • Study - Involves the collection and analysis of data from other sources to reveal evidence of a fact, situation, or a pattern of scientific interest.

You will be transfered automatically to the Science Fair in a Box website to complete your ONLINE registration.

You are not properly registered until you have completed the online registration AND mailed in the items below.

    Items to be submitted:
  1. TWO (2) copies of the written summary report   PLUS   Email a PDF copy of the report to
    NOTE: The PDF file name must begin with the student's "lastname_firstname"
  2. Signed permission and declarations form from the Science Fair in a Box site
  3. Registration Fee per exhibit - all grades ($26.00 online or $25 cash/cheque - all grades). See note below.
    Please make cheques out to the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair.

Mail to:
     Science Fair, c/o University of Victoria Chemistry Office,
     PO Box 3065, Victoria, BC V8W 3V6

Courier to:
     Science Fair, c/o University of Victoria Chemistry Office,
     Elliott Building Room 301, Finnerty Road, Victoria, BC V8P 5C2

Registration fee Payment: May be made ONLINE ($26 – includes processing fee) OR by cash or cheque ($25)

  1. Payment of $26 online via CanadaHelps ( ) by Feb. 28, 2019.
        In the “Message for SAYS” box include “Registration fee for – name of student(s) and the school”
        NOTE the Feb 28 date – this allows SAYS to confirm payment prior to the Registration deadline.
        The online payment of $26 includes a $1.00 charge to cover the costs of processing.


  2. Payment by cash or cheque to be included with the full registration package by March 14, 2019.
        Make cheques for $25 payable to the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair

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