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In 2007, Suzanne Cook began work on the documentation of traditional Lacandon ecological knowledge. This included recording the Lacandon folk names for botanical and zoological species and associated cultural information. This documentation will serve as a resource to produce materials for a proposed Lacandon eco-literacy project, based on the theme of the natural world. To kickstart the program, Cook engaged the children of Naha' to create a Lacandon alphabet based on the flora and fauna of the Lacandon forest. Their pictures were used to produce the poster below, in an effort to raise public awareness of the Lacandones and their disappearing forest, and to help finance the development of the eco-literacy program and literacy materials. The project proposal abstract and a detailed description can be found by clicking on either hyperlinks.

Lacandon alphabet featuring species of the forest to illustrate each letter

To receive the alphabet poster file and contribute to the preservation of the forest, Lacandon traditional ecological knowledge and Lacandon literacy program, you may send your request to Donations are appreciated.

A special thanks goes to Gill Eatherley for her help in overseeing this part of the art workshop she developed for the children of Naha'.





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