Robin Skelton and Sylvia Skelton Scholarship Fund

Donate to the Robin Skelton and Sylvia Skelton Scholarship Fund.

The University of Victoria, in honour of The Malahat Review’s forthieth anniversary, is fundraising to establish a scholarship for a Fine Arts student.

The year 2007 marked the fortieth anniversary of The Malahat Review, and the tenth anniversary of the death of Robin Skelton, poet, writer, artist, and the magazine’s co-founder. He and his wife, Sylvia, were vital, incredibly productive members of the Victoria art scene. Locally, provincially, and nationally, this dynamic couple contributed to our cultural life for more than thirty-four richly creative and convivial years.

photo of Robin and Sylvia Skelton smiling
Photo by Dorothy Stott

Honour their memory and legacy by contributing to the Robin and Sylvia Skelton Scholarship Fund. Your support will encourage young writers and artists enrolled at the University of Victoria next year, and every year thereafter.

In this way, the lives of two generous and creative people, Robin and Sylvia Skelton, along with the contributions made by so many others like you, will continue to sow seeds of inspiration in Victoria, in Canada, and beyond.  

Donate online at For more information, call 250-721-6305 or email

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