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Wharf Street Businesses 1881

The British Columbia Directory for the year 1882-83, was compiled shortly after the 1881 Dominion census in the fall of the same year by local Victoria publisher R.T. Williams. There were over five hundred different occupations listed in the directory with over 2,800 businesses and individuals listed. The following table was compiled based on information from the directory and gives a sense of the nature and number of businesses present on Wharf Street in 1881.54

Business Name

Type of Business

John Bartlett
Ship Inn Saloon


A.C. Beeton
Turner, Beeton & Co
Wholesale Merchants
H. Bornstein
Dealer in Hides
J & A Boskowitz
Dealers in Raw Furs
John Brodie
Findlay, Durham & Brodie
Richard Carr
Wholesale Groceries and Liquors
J.P. Davies
Davies J.P. & Co.
De Wiederhold
De Widederhold & Co.
Dealers in Coal and Wood
John H. Durham
Findlay, Durham & Brodie.
Wholesale Commission Merchants and Insurance Agents
Thomas Earle
Wholesale Grocer
George J. Findlay
Findlay, Durham & Brodie
Wholesale Commission Merchants and Insurance Agents
Hudson's Bay Company
Hudson's Bay Company
Head Office
V.E. Jensen
Ship Broker
William Jensen
Occidental Hotel
Thomas Jones
Jones Boat House
Simon Leiser
Importer of Merchandise
David Lenevue
JP and Grain Merchant
William Marshall
North Pacific Saloon
E.B. Marvin
JP and Ship Chandler
Edgar Marvin
Dealer in Hardware
McQuade & Sons
Mc Quade & Sons
Ship Chandlers
Oppenheimer Bros.
Oppenheimer Bros.
Wholesale Dealers in Groceries and Provisions
George Platz
Cooper Shop
R.P. Rithet
Welch, Rithet & Co.
Merchants and Agents
Stahlschmidt & Ward
Stahlschmidt & Ward
Shipping and Insurance Agents
Strouss C & Co.
Strouss C & Co.
Importers and Dealers in General Merchandise
Todd J. H. & Son
Todd J. H. & Son
Wholesale Dealers in General Merchandise
Turner, J.H.
Turner, Beeton & Co.
Wholesale Merchants


Occidental Hotel- Corner of Johnson and Wharf Street - 1865


Turner, Beeton & Co.- 1930s


1885 Fire Insurance Map Showing Wharf Street From Johnson Street to Bastion Square


1885 Fire Insurance Map Showing Wharf Street From Broughton Street to Bastion Square