Historians are detectives trying to understand what happened in the past. Studying history provides students with training in problem solving, research, and writing. Such skills are valued both by graduate schools and employers in fields that range from law, to government service, to teaching, to curating museum exhibits, to developing websites like Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History. With state-of-the-art multimedia facilities and a passionate, innovative group of teachers, Concordia University's Department of History is training inquisitive minds for the 21st century.

Concordia has a distinguished record of training young historians for careers in teaching and research at all levels. Our students have won prestigious Commonwealth, Rockefeller, and Canada Graduate Scholarships. Many have gone on to complete graduate degrees at schools across Canada, the United States, and Europe. The Department is led by experienced professors, each with both a field of deep specialization and an ability to impart to you their knowledge and their excitement about the past.

We are located in the heart of dynamic downtown Montreal, in modern facilities on the 10th floor of the McConnell Library Building, including a fully equipped computer lab and seminar room. The Department houses the Concordia Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, a one-of-a-kind research and teaching facility dedicated to oral history. It offers Canada's only undergraduate honours degree in Public History, encouraging students to explore various ways in which historical consciousness is manifested in the public realm, especially through museums, film, monuments, commemorative events, and websites. As home to the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, we also have a particularly strong interest in issues related to human rights around the world, especially the prevention and prosecution of genocide and other crimes against humanity.

Concordia's Department of History offers a full slate of programs and courses, ranging from the introductory to the advanced and covering the globe for more than two thousand years of history. We offer access to multimedia facilities, aiding students' learning through images and sound as well as the written word. And commitment to effective and accessible instruction is a hallmark of the department.

Concordia University is proud to be a sponsoring partner of Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History. Like the Mysteries Project, our Department is pushing the boundaries of public history in Canada while helping young people develop their skills as historical detectives for the digital age. Check us out on line and you too can Become an Historian at Concordia University in Montreal.

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