Agilent 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS/MS (installed 2016) available for laser ablation or solution analysis

The 8800 has excellent sensitivity and matrix tolerance. The "triple quad" configuration (tandem quadrupole mass filters on either side of the octopole reaction cell) allows quantitative identification and removal of polyatomic interferences. Even some isobaric interferences can be separated - for example 87Rb and 87Sr can be separated during analysis, allowing direct Sr isotope ratio analysis without prior Rb separation.

Thermo X-Series II (X7) quadrupole ICP-MS (installed 2006) available for laser ablation or solution analyses

The X-series is equipped with a collision cell (CCT), standard (Xt) or high sensitivity (Xs) cones, peltier cooled spray chamber, optional desolvating nebulizer (APEX), and a simultaneous discrete dynode detector. Typical sensitivity in solution mode (Xt cones) exceeds 70,000 cps/ppb for indium.

New Wave UP-213 Laser solid sample introduction system (installed 2006)

The UP-213 is a 213 nm solid state Nd-YAG UV laser with a variable aperture to control the beam width (from 4 to 100 µm) allowing direct spatially resolved elemental analysis of solid materials.

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