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You can now buy festival tickets online! See here for details.

Club meetings have ended for the fall. Enjoy your holidays, and see you again January 2nd.


Upcoming workshops:

Mon, Sept 17, Sept 19: basic 3-ball juggling.

Mon, Sept 26: contact juggling. Beginners welcome!


Fall session juggling starts Monday, Sept 10 at 6pm, our usual time. Come one come all!

Drop our table at Clubs Days in the SUB Sept 12-13 to chat or goof off.


Workshop for Monday, Oct 3: beginning poi! We don't expect you to use fire the first time.


Welcome back! The club regulars have already been meeting for two weeks, but tonight we welcome our new victims… er, members, rather.

For the next week, at least, we'll have our hands full teaching 3-ball cascades. Regular workshops should start in two weeks, on October 3rd.


Summer juggling's started, and going strong with… well, two of us.

Meetings are Thursday evenings at 6pm in Beacon Hill, by the stage. Details here.
Starting June 7, we'll also meet on Tuesdays in Stadacona Park, also at 6pm.

Most importantly the 2011 Madskillz Vancouver juggling festival is just a few weeks away. If you're in the Victoria area, email the club and we'll see what we can do about organizing carpooling to make the trip cheaper for everyone.


The last workshop of the semester is tomorrow: we're playing games. Come out and drop even more than usual!

The last club meeting of the year is April 20; we'll continue to meet informally and outdoors through the summer. If you'll be in town, vote for your favourite meeting time & place


Workshop for Mon, Mar 14: Stilt-walking! (runs 6pm-8pm)

We've also got several shirts left from the festival, in all sizes and all colours. $10 each.


Workshop for 31 Jan: Intro to contact juggling. No prerequisites. You don't even need to be able to catch.


Bad news! The stilt and puppet workshops are being pushed back to later in February.

Jan 23: Intro to clubs. You'll need to be able to maintain a three-ball cascade first.


A new semester begins! Here are the first few workshops:

Jan 17: Intro. 3-ball juggling
Jan 24: Intro to stilt walking
Jan 31: Building (& using) giant puppets


A bunch more workshops to finish up 2010.

Nov 24: Club spinning (Leona)
Nov 29: Contact juggling (Jake)
Dec 1: Poi (extended from club spinning) (Leona)

Stay tuned for games in December!


The workshop schedule's been changed:

Oct 8: Passing (balls & clubs)
Oct 15: Staff (tentative)


Here are the next few workshops:
Oct 25: diabolo
Nov 1: staff
Nov 8: cigar boxes
Nov 15: four ball

All the workshops except 4-ball are introductory: you don't need any experience (with anything!) for those.


We've begun to sort out the workshops for this semester! To start with:
Oct. 4: beginning three clubs.
Workshops start around 7pm. Come on out!


Juggling starts Monday! Usual times, usual place - Patrick


Summer juggling times have been decided! Stadacona park, Monday and Wednesday, 6-8pm. Be there, and see here for a map.


"Official" juggling is done for the semester, but we're meeting at the normal time and place all through exams.


Last workshops of the year!

Mar 15: Pairs juggling: passing, stealing, sharing
Mar 22: Diabolo

Workshops start around 7pm, as usual.


Updated workshop schedule:
Feb 8: Staves and clubs
Feb 15: Reading week: no workshop
Feb 22: Poi? (TBA)
Mar 1: Cigar boxes
Beyond: balance; passing; more contact; more 3-ball; 4-ball; hoops; rings…
All workshops start around 7pm.

Juggling will run during reading break.


Workshop schedule (subject to additions):
Jan 18: beginner juggling
Jan 25: contact
Feb 1: hat tricks
Feb 8: clubs, sticks, and spin
Workshops will run with a minimum of 1 (one) attendee. Tell us what workshops you want to see later in the term. - Patrick


Clubs days today and tomorrow! New members, welcome. Old members, come out and help us man the table in the SUB. - Patrick


The (incomplete) website's online! Give me some input on how you think it should look. - Patrick


Happy New Year!

Contact us: Vikes Sport Clubs