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Jugglers in the UVic juggling club have been meeting for at least 25 years to practise, learn, and teach each other their skills. Our membership includes absolute beginners, amateurs at various levels, and record-holding professional jugglers; we encourage all levels of jugglers to come out and play or practise at our bi-weekly meetings.

As one of Canada's few university-sponsored juggling clubs, we provide a unique opportunity for students to learn each others' technniques, and for beginning jugglers to get inspiration from experts. The juggling club's range of equipment gives even the best of us the opportunity to experiment and learn new techniques, whether clubs, diabolo, and contact, or hats, dice, and plate spinning.

No one is too uncoordinated to learn to juggle. Come try it today!


Equipment box

The club owns a large selection of equipment, all of which can be used and borrowed by members:

  • Balls!
  • Clubs!
  • Unicycles!
  • Poi!
  • Devil sticks!
  • Hoops!
  • Diabolo!
  • Contact balls!
  • Cigar boxes!
  • Staves!
  • Videos!
  • Encyclopedias!
  • Instruction manuals!
  • more!


Workshops are taught on an approximately weekly basis, normally on Mondays. Workshops near the start of term will cover beginning juggling with balls, clubs, and contact balls. Later workshops will cover more advanced techniques and other equipment, on a by-request basis.

If you would like to see anything taught, contact the club or mention it to one of the exec. If you see anyone at the club practising any technique, ask them about it and they will be more than happy to teach you on the spot.

Watch the news for upcoming workshops.

Meeting times

Club membership is absolutely free and open to everyone. Althetic complex fees may apply to non-students during the winter session.

Winter term (Sept to Apr)

DaysWednesday and Friday
Time6pm to 8pm
LocationCARSA Field house
CostThe club is free; to enter the building just swipe your student card, or tell the attendant you're with the juggling club.

See a larger map of winter juggling locations

Contact us: Vikes Sport Clubs