424/525 Advanced Transition Metal Chemistry

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Final grades have been posted on the 3rd floor Elliott landing

Welcome to the webpages for 424/525 "Advanced Transition Metal Chemistry". This course will cover the chemistry of the heavy metals - the 4d and 5d elements as well as the lanthanides and actinides. Navigate around the site using the links at the top of the each page.

  • Assignments also includes information on class presentations (undergraduates) and term papers (graduates).
  • Course materials provides downloadable versions of some of the handouts you were issued in class (but not notes). Where relevant web resources are available, links are provided.
  • The links page directs you to a handful of sites that you should definitely browse over the course of your studies.
  • The syllabus page gives details on course content, suggested textbooks, grading and examinations.
  • NEW! I've set up a blog for the course. Why? Well, it gives you all the opportunity to anonymously comment on any aspect of the course. This is useful from my point of view - any sort of feedback is helpful in improving the quality of the course. Hopefully, it is useful from your point of view, too: you can ask questions that you'd perhaps otherwise be reluctant to raise, you can vent your spleen, etc. I'll keep an eye on the blog and will try to respond to questions and comments reasonably promptly. Try and be specific - I can't easily answer comments like "this course is a pile of carp" or "I don't understand MO theory". Good questions I will repost myself along with an answer; if there appears to be sufficient online confusion about a certain topic I'll go over it in class. How do you ask a question? Just click on "comment" on the most relevant post and fill in the form.


Lectures are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 0930 in Elliott 162.


Your instructor is Dr. Scott McIndoe. Contact details are given below; there are no defined office hours for this course, I am happy to see you when you can find me. If you are having difficulty finding me, see me after class and make an appointment.

Office: Elliott 307
Phone: 721-7181
Email: mcindoe@uvic.ca

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