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i am a professor in the department of economics at the university of victoria, canada. my advanced resource economics text and reference book with jon m. conrad has been published by cambridge university press in 2020. it can be ordered directly from cambridge university press , amazon or your favorite local store.

Reviews and endorsements
"Natural Resource Economics is one of the rare books in resource economics that combines theory and applications, but also the mathematical tools to apply the theory to real world problems. It provides solid coverage of the theory of nonrenewable and renewable resources while focusing on specific applications - for example, the economics of antibiotics - which are becoming increasingly important. Overall, this is a book which would be an invaluable asset not only to graduate students but also to experienced researchers in resource economics."
Anastasios Xepapadeas, Athens University of Economics and Business, and University of Bologna

"Natural resource economics stagnated, even with growing awareness of climate change and sustainability. Conrad and Rondeau provide the perfect update, with all of the basic tools for building one’s own model, state-of-the-art coverage of exhaustible and renewable resources, and important applications for emerging problems of pest control, antibiotics, and wildlife."
Don Fullerton, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

"Natural Resource Economics presents the theory behind resource economics with an elegant mathematical presentation that should be very appealing to advanced students. Their handling of dynamic modeling and application of that theory to several different resource topics is particularly impressive."
Robert Mendelsohn, Yale University

bibliographic reference: Conrad, Jon M., and Daniel Rondeau. Natural Resource Economics: Analysis, Theory, and Applications. Cambridge University Press, 2020.

as a micro-economist, i specialize in the study of environmental and resource management issues; and in the applications of experimental methods to a broad array of individual and group decision problems including timber auctions, quota management and the valuation and private provision of public goods.

my research appears in internationally recognized publications such as the journal of public economics, economics letters, journal of economic behavior and organization, journal of environmental economics and management, american journal of agricultural economics, canadian journal of economics, experimental economics and several others. it has also been featured in the new york times.

major sponsors of my research include sshrc, the oecd, national agronomic research institute (france), the quebec and ontario governments, the quebec federation of egg producers and the federal-provincial parks council.

i currently serve as a co-editor of environmental and resource economics, the journal of the european association of environmental economists and one of the leading publications in the field. between 2003 and 2012, i served on the scientific advisory committee of diversitas, a unesco-funded biodiversity research consortium. i am an associate fellow of cirano - the montreal-based center for inter-university research and analysis on organizations and an associate researcher of create, laval universiy's center for economic research in the environment, agriculture, transportation and energy.

my doctorate in economics is from cornell university.

dr. daniel rondeau
department of economics
university of victoria
342 business and economics building
victoria, bc, v8w 2y2, canada
tel.: 250 472 4423
email: rondeau [at] uvic [dot] ca


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