Collaborators and Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Farzam Allafchi
Mr. Allafchi is a PhD student developing numerical circulation models for stormwater ponds storing water for potential reuse. The models will provide predictions on the distribution of contaminants in the ponds both spatially and temporally as a function of climate and fluid dynamics. This work is conducted in collaboration with Dr. He (UofC), Dr. Neumann (UofA) and Dr. Checkley (UofC).

Hauke Blanken
Mr. Blanken is a PhD student developing fuzzy mathematical expressions for oil spill extent in marine environments using drifter data and numerical circulation models.  This work is conducted in collaboration with Dr. Charles Hannah (co-supervisor) of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Jessica Dhami
Ms. Dhami is researching bioretention of heavy metals and evapotranspiration in bioretention cells.

Kurt Fairfield

Developing large-scale in-situ monitoring devices for soil moisture assessment, Mr. Fairfield is using mechatronics and robotics to effectively monitor this state variable over large areas.

Farhad Jalilian
Mr. Jalilian is working with Dr. Bhiladvala and Dr. Valeo on novel sensing methods (both optical and non-optical methods) for biofilm activity on root systems leading to bioretention and treatment of stormwater pollutants in bioretention cells.

Sarah Qi
Co-supervised with Dr. Phalguni Mukhopadhaya, Ms. Qi is evaluating instruments for thermal heat transfer monitoring in walls.

Bohan Shao
Co-supervised with
Dr. Phalguni Mukhopadhaya and in collaborating with Dr. Jennifer He of the University of Calgary, Ms. Shao is providing better estimates of parameters used to model energy and moisture budgets in green roofs.

Graduated Student Theses

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of the Distribution of Bacterial Contamination in Nearshore Areas of Southern Vancouver Island (2018) by K. Xu, MASc.

An Investigation of Fuzzy Modelling for Spatial Prediction of Sparsely Distributed Data (2018) by R. Thomas, MASc.

The Application of Whole Oyster Shells in Stormwater Treatment Removing Heavy Metals (2018) by Z. Xu, MASc.

Evaluation of Moisture Indices for Management of Insulated Walls in Canada (2017) by H. Singh, MEng.

Falling Head Test vs ASTM Standard in Determining Infiltration Rate in Porous Asphalt (2017) by F. Shazad, MEng.

Modelling Biofilm Activity in Bioretention Cells (2015) by T. Yu, MASc.

Environmental Modelling and Prediction using Fuzzy Numbers (2015) by U.T. Khan, PhD.

Modeling Permeable Pavements (2015) by J. Huang, PhD.

Duff Moisture Modeling (2010) by L.D. Raaflaub, PhD.

Bioretentioncell Efficacy in Cold Climates (2010) by U. Khan, MASc.

Mitigation of Flash Flooding in Arid Regions (2009) by G. Al-Rawas, PhD.

Stormwater Recycling (2009) by J. He, PhD.

Modelling Aquatic Vegetation and Dissolved Oxygen in the Bow River, Alberta (2007) by K. Robinson, MASc.

Improved Techniques for Measuring and Estimating Scaling Factors Used to Aggregate Forest Transpiration (2007) by M.R. Quinonez-Pinon, PhD.

Remote Estimation of Leaf Area Index in Forested Ecosystem (2005) by D.M. McAllister, MASc.

Physically Based Modelling for Improved Flood Prediction in the Elbow River Watershed (2004) by Z. Xiang, MASc.

Snow Mapping Using MODIS Data (2004) by S.M.K. Poon, MASc.

Urban Snow Hydrology and Modelling (2003) by C.L.I. Ho, MASc.

Hydrological Modelling in the Northern Boreal Forest (2003) by  M.E.J. St. Laurent, MASc.

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