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Beginnings Early Education in BC

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The Sister’s of St.Ann: The First Ten Years web project was developed by students at UVic in the History Department.  Three students, Diana Dearden, Leah Povey and Natalie Schlogl worked collectively in the design, creation and implementation of this site.  The project is for a class on the Micro History of Victoria, History 481.  The class is taught by Dr. John Lutz.  Our web site is a historical representation of the first ten year’s of education in Victoria. The Sisters that arrived in 1858 from Montreal founded the St. Ann’s Academy.  The site looks at the buildings, sisters, their voyage out to British Columbia and what they were able to accomplish from 1858 to 1868.  The site shows archival information, documents and pictures.  Our goal is to show what changes the schools made in Victoria to the people who were around for the reception of the Sisters.

Our group would like the acknowledge Dr. John Lutz’s continued support for these types of assignments which secure a piece of Victoria’s history for everyone to enjoy.  We wish to thank Sunpreet Jassal, the web creation project assistant, for his help in making the sites and assisting with any issues or questions.  As well, we wish to acknowledge the BC Archives andSt. Ann’s Academy for their support and assistance through this project. 

Diana Dearden

I am a fourth-year history student from Fort Steele, BC in the East Kootenays. Living near a historic gold rush down developed my interest local history and really enjoyed the experience of working on the St.Ann's project. I enjoy outdoor activities, textile arts, pottery and building with cob. After graduation I plan to travel, work on organic farms, and pursue my degree in elementary education.


Leah Povey

I am a fourth year History major at UVic with my interest being in European History.  I grew up on Vancouver Island but was never really interested in local history until this class.  My interest was peaked after learning about these nuns and the stories around the convent itself.  When not at school I enjoy reading and crafts such as knitting and cross stitch.  My email address is


Natalie Schlogl

I am a third year English major at the University.  I plan to get my teaching certificate in English and History.  I grew up in the Gulf Islands and moved to Victoria to be with my family and go to school.  This site was very interesting for me to be apart of as I had walked around the St. Ann’s Academy before and thought it was an amazing building, but I had never known there was such an amazing story behind it.  The archiving work interested me a lot through this project and I hope that our site will reach others in our community.  My e-mail address is