Freemasonry in Victoria Pictures

A view of Yates Street in 1862 with the T. N. Hibben & Co. store in the top right corner
A view of Wharf Street and the T. N. Hibben & Co. store in 1864
The T. N. Hibben & Co. storefront
The first lodge room above the T. N. Hibben & Co. store
Another view of the first lodge room
Victoria Masons
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Past Masonic Temple Pictures

Laying the cornerstone for the new Masonic Temple on April 23rd, 1878
The new Masonic Temple in 1880
The east end of the Lodge room in the new Masonic Temple
The west end of the new Lodge room
Storefronts with the Lodge entrance in the middle
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Current Masonic Temple Pictures

The Senior Warden's chair.
The balcony on the west end where the pipe organ once was.
A painting of King George VI in his Masonic Regalia
The Masonic Pillars
The tessellated floor of the Masonic Lodge.
Victoria Columbia Lodge no.1 1906
World War I commemorative plaque.
A plaque awarded to the Victoria Quadra lodge displayed in the Fisgard Temple
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Other Pictures

A layout of a Masonic lodge with the names and positions of the founding members of the first Victoria lodge
Barkerville Masons in the 1860s.
Masonic funeral parade, Barkerville, B.C. 1860s
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