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Published Sources

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Archival Sources

BC Archives

Annual Reports of the BC Protestant Orphans Home.  NW 971.63 B862r.

Edward Cridge Papers, 1835-1918.  1.02 m textual records.  MS-0320.

Protestant Orphans Home fonds, 1883-1926.  27 cm textual records.  N/C/B77.

City of Victoria Archives

Cridge Centre for the Family fonds

 UVIC Special Collections

British Columbia Protestant Orphans’ Home, British Columbia Protestant Orphans’ Home [microform] : incorporated under the "Benevolent Societies Act, 1891. Victoria, B.C., 1893.  CIHM no. 94326

Cridge, Edward, “Spiritualism”, or, Modern necromancy [microform] Victoria, B.C. 1870.  CIHM no. 14832

Cridge, Edward.  To the Right Rev George Hills.  BX6077 C7.

Judgement Bishop Hill vs Rev Cridge, 1874.  CIHM no.14360. Hills, Edward, Trial of the Very Reverend Edward Cridge, Rector and Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria [microform] : documents, evidence, correspondence and judgments as used and given in the Bishop’s Court and in the Supreme Court of the province before the Hon. Chief Justice Begbie. Victoria, B.C., 1875. CIHM no. 24010

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