FaceMaze is not only a powerful research tool,
but a fun game too!

Face Maze

We are currently developing a computerized game called FaceMaze to help children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) express their facial emotions. In the FaceMaze game, the child navigates a Pac-man character through a maze with the goal of collecting as many fruits as possible. In order to score points, the child poses various facial expression that are recorded by a webcam and evaluated by the computer software program. FaceMaze has a progression of levels that practice basic facial expressions, including happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust.

In the research study, children will be asked to produce facial expressions before and after playing the FaceMaze game as practice making facial expressions. We are interested in knowing whether the game improves their facial expression abilities. Based on this research, we hope to design a cost-effective intervention that will improve the social communication skills of children with ASD.

If you are have questions or are interested in participating, email us at carte@uvic.ca, or click here to register.