Roderick Edwards
  • Address:
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    University of Victoria
    P.O. Box 1700 STN CSC
    Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 2Y2
  • Phone: (250) 721-7453
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State transition diagram for a network of 3 genes, one with 2 thresholds, one with 3.

Views of the resulting dynamics.

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Research Areas:
Ordinary differential equations, mathematical biology, neural and gene networks, piecewise-linear equations.
Research affiliations:

List of Publications

Post-doctoral fellows:

Sehjeong Kim - 2008-2009
Dorian Aur - 2011-2013
Anna Machina - 2011-2013
Ismail Belgacem - 2018-2020

Graduate Students:

Alex Hodge (MSc, April 2003), Modeling central pattern generators in sand crabs
Adam Webber (MSc, Sept. 2003), Modelling and analysis of center of pressure data
Linghong Lu (MSc, May 2008), Structural principles for dynamics of Glass networks
Moshi Charnell (MSc, Dec. 2008), Individual-based modelling of ecological systems and social aggregations
Rena Mann (MSc, Aug. 2011), Robust designs for field experiments with blocks
Eric Foxall (MSc, Aug. 2011), A contraction argument for two-dimensional spiking neuron models
Laura Morrison (MSc, May 2013), Filtering and clustering GPS time series for lifespace analysis
Eric Foxall (PhD, May 2015), Stochastic growth models
Simon Odense (MSc, Dec. 2015), Universal approximation theory of neural networks
Meghan Hall (MSc, Aug. 2016), Mathematical model of growth and neuronal differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells seeded on melt electrospun biomaterial scaffolds
Graham Quee (MSc, Apr. 2019), Ramp approximations of finitely steep sigmoid control functions in soft-switching ODE networks
Rongzheng Xie (MSc, Apr. 2020), A population approach to systems of Izhikevich neurons: can neuron interaction cause bursting?
Skye Doré-Hall (MSc, Dec. 2020) Ramp Function Approximations of Michaelis-Menten Functions in Biochemical Dynamical Systems
Skye Doré-Hall (PhD, Jun. 2024) Comparisons of Ramp Functions and Michaelis-Menten Functions in Biochemical Dynamical Systems
Ben Wild (MSc, in progress)

Undergraduate Research Students:

Samantha Carruthers (2000)
Patrick Gill (2000)
Karl Kappler (2001)
Karissa Johnston (2001)
Jeff Campbell (2001)
Angela Voll (2002)
Brady Killough (2002,2003)
Daisuke Shinki (2003)
Jackie Gour (2004,2005,2006)
David Richmond (2005)
Richard Gibson (2005)
Rena Mann (2007,2008)
Lance Robson (2009)
Tracey Foster (2009)
Richard Schmitz (2011)
Ainsleigh Hill (2013)
Dan Hudson (2014)
Zach Adams (2016,2017,2018)
Gerrit van Rensburg (2019,2020)
Michelle Wood (2019-2020)
Ben Wild (2021-2022)

Mathematical genealogy

My Erdös Number: 3 (via Leeming and Sharma to Erdös; and by van den Driessche and Moon (or Butler) to Erdös)

Other interests

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