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Some of the conferences attended by students in the McIndoe Group:

ABC IDW 2013, Kelowna
GRC IRM 2013, Galveston (USA)
VIVA NMR 2012, Vancouver
CSC 2012, Calgary
ASMS 2012, Vancouver
CSC 2011, Montreal
BC IDW 2011, Squamish
Pacifichem 2010, Honolulu
BC IDW 2010, Squamish
CSC 2009, Hamilton
ABC IDW 2009, Kelowna
Rising Stars of Research 2008, UBC
CSC 2008, Edmonton
CENTC 2008, Washington (USA)
Silicon Symposium 2007, Victoria
BC IDW 2007, Victoria
ICOMC 2006, Zaragoza (Spain)
CSC 2006, Halifax
ABC IDW 2006, Kelowna
Pacifichem 2005, Honolulu (USA)
BC IDW 2005, Victoria
ICOMC 2004, Vancouver


Note: this page is now an archive. Since 2013, the function of this page has been fulfilled by the group's Twitter feed. Check it out!

A roughly chronological and extremely erratic photographic record of some of the group's activities outside the lab...

March 2013: Zohrab at the Gordon Research Conference on Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms at the Hotel Galvez

Scott & Alex Brolo put on "That Chemistry Show" for the United Way, November 2012

At Victoria Royals hockey, October 2012

At the Calgary CSC, May 2012: a reunion of current (Rhonda, Tsuki, Jessamyn, Scott) and past group members (Tracy, Keri, Matt, Erin and Krista) plus friends of the group (Andy, Fraser, Keith).

May 2010: Inorganic Discussion Weekend in Squamish

18 December 2009: Group dinner @ the McIndoes

3 October 2009: the group go ziplining. Danielle, Tyler, Jingwei, Ori, Scott & Angela, Ali & Kylaina, Jen & Clive and Mike & Riley headed out to Sooke to spend a couple of hours flying along 1000 ft long cables, 150 ft in the air going 60+ kmh... great fun!

Matt somehow found time to train for the Subaru Ironman Canada while writing up his PhD thesis, and after swimming 3.8 km, cycling 180 km and running a marathon in 12 hours and change, ran over the line with a smile on his face - great effort Matt!

Mike, Danielle and Scott at a border obelisk on 0 Avenue (Warning: be prepared to be told off by a busybody if you reenact this photo...)

Mike and Greg (group-member-for-the-day), on the way back from the IDW, enjoying the legroom in the van

Danielle, Krista and Mike at Mission Hill winery, on the way to the ABC IDW, May 2009

Christmas Party 2008

Group BBQ at Gyro Beach

1/8/8: Keri, Scott, Danielle and Matt celebrate @ Felicita's after Keri's successful defence of her MSc - congratulations Keri!

At the 2008 CSC: Matt, Danielle, Krista & Keri.

At the 2008 CSC: Danielle and Matt get serious before their talks.

Krista defends her poster at the 2008 CSC.

Christmas dinner 2007.

Scary specs

Picnic at Beacon Hill cricket ground just after Nicky successfully defended her PhD thesis (in Cambridge, UK).

Danielle and Krista help out at the Silicon Symposium, June 2007.

The group celebrate Danielle's successful candidacy, March 2007...

... and Krista, Keri, Danielle & Matt later that night, only slightly the worse for wear.

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Krista's birthday @ Moxies: Danielle, Nicky, Krista, Matt & Keri.

Krista's birthday @ Moxies: Danielle, Krista, Nicky & Keri.

Skating: Matt, Jakie, Jason, Krista, Danielle, Nicky & Keri.

Matt at ICOMC 2006, Zaragoza, Spain.

Joint group bbq with the Rosenberg crew (L-R): Scott, Matt, an errant child, Danielle, Sarah, Nicky, Candice, Lisa; with back to camera, Eric.

We drove to the ABC inorganic weekend in sunny Kelowna, May 2006. No shortage of wineries on the way...

Further discussion post-group meetings at Felicitas. Nicky, Matt & Danielle.

Matt & Scott share a birthday. So they had to share the cake.

Danielle and Matt at their posters, Pacifichem 2005, Honolulu. Looking suspiciously tanned...

Aha... evidently there are beaches in Hawaii...

Last night in Honolulu; dinner on the Waikiki Strip. Matt, Danielle and some dodgy-looking local.

Sunset on Mauna Kea at 13,796 feet above sea level.

Pipeline Masters Surf Competition; North Shore, Oahu.


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