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Mechanistic Mass Spectrometry

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We make, analyze and discover catalysts.

Welcome to our homepage. We investigate challenging inorganic and organometallic catalytic systems using powerful characterization tools and methodologies of our own devising. From here, you can find information on all aspects of the group's activities:

  • The research pages give more information on what we do ("mass spectrometry-led mechanistic elucidation" is the short answer).
  • Find more out about the people in the group, including PI Dr J. Scott McIndoe.
  • Contact the group, by mail, phone, fax or email.
  • We mostly - but don't just - do science. Keep up with us on Twitter @mcindoe or Instagram @mcindoegroup
  • Interested in joining our team? Check out the opportunities page.
    • Positions available for highly motivated graduate students. Contact Scott for details.
    • UVic undergraduate student? Thinking of doing Chemistry 298, 399, or 499? Undergraduate researchers have had great success in the group - please contact Scott for details of potential projects.
  • Have a look around our lab. We have tons of awesome equipment!
    • In addition to two mass spectrometers, we have two gloveboxes, a flow IR, flow UV/Vis, 60 MHz benchtop NMR, and a CR-10 3D printer.
  • Use our links page to find web resources relevant to our research
  • Scott's teaching and associated resources
  • For group members: SAFETY | meeting schedule | instrumental troubleshooting | maintenance duties | YouTube SOPS for training refreshers


Group photo, April 2022. Scott, Wil, Charlie, Tiago, Nimrod, Ian, Tanner, Jaspreet, Sofia, David, Peter. Absent: Emily, Maryam, Sara.
Shot taken by drone in UVic's quad.


JS McIndoe, Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria    Updated 8 April, 2022