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Not recommended

What NOT to do (ALWAYS wear safety glasses in the lab for starters!). Report accidents, don't repeat them.

Safety in the McIndoe group

All new members of the group go through safety training before beginning work in the lab. Any time there is a procedure that you are unsure about, ask Scott first! Below are a collection of useful information and links.

Departmental policy

The Department of Chemistry has a Safe Practices and Waste Management webpage that you must be familiar with and abide by. There is also a safety instructions document. Some particulars to note:

  • eye protection to be worn at all times
  • lab coats to be worn at all times
  • no earphones to be worn at any time in laboratories
  • all accidents AND near misses to be reported


UVic's OHS page contains links to training and events, orientation, hazard and incident reporting, waste pickup, MSDSs, and other relevant issues. Familiarize yourself with this site.


Online Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Safety gear

Get spill pads, solvent waste jugs etc from Petch 035. There is a code for the door: atomic numbers of PbEr. Cleaning up a spill? You should be filling out an Incident Report Form.

Global Harmonized System

The GHS classifies chemicals based on physical, health and environmental standards. You should be aware of these symbols (new and old):


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