News from the Hicks Group





Sept 2014. Welcome to new graduate students Erica Hong and Shaun MacLean, and to undergraduate Rehan Higgins.

June 2014. (partial) Hicks group reunion in Vancouver. From left: Joe Gilroy, Bryan Koivisto, Martin Lemaire, Tamara Freeman, Robin, and the bartender (honorary group member)

November 2013. Another convocation two-fer: Grame (PhD) and Cooper (MSc) on either side of the proud boss.

September 2013. Welcome to new graduate student Dillon and new undergraduate researcher Erica.
August 2013. Congratulations to Cooper (M.Sc.), Graeme (Ph.D.), Patrick (Chem 498) for successfully defending their theses.
June 2013. Emma and Robin head to New Hampshire for the Gordon Research Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry. Sadly Emma's streak of winning presentation prizes ends here.
June 2013. Emma and Corey travel to la belle province for this year's CSC meeting. Congrats once again to Emma who was awarded an prize from the Materials Division for her oral presentation! triple woot!
May 2013. Corey and Emma wave the group flag at the CSC meeting in Quebec City. Emma takes home a best student oral presentation award! double woot!
May 2013. The group (well, some of us) head to Kelowna for the Alberta/BC Inorganic Weekend. Emma comes away with a top poster prize. woot!
May 2013. Welcome to new undergraduate students Nathan Chen-Mack (CHem 298), Bryony McAlister (Chem 398) and Patrick Fergusson (Chem 498).
April 2013. Congrats to James on a most successful Chemistry 499 project.
Feb 2013. Brendan Gildea, a student from Grace Morgan's group in UCD, joins us for a month. He learns a few things about Nindigo chemistry and a few more things about Canadian beer.

Sept 2012: UVic celebrates its 50th birthday. The Chemistry Department's reunion weekend brings back Hicks group alumni Tim Storr (left) and Bryan Koivisto (middle), neither of whom have learned to wear a tie yet.

Sept 2012: Welcome to new undergraduate Clara MacDonald (Chem 398).
June 2012: Welcome to PhD student Emma Nicholls-Allison.
May/June 2012: some of us head to Calgary for the Canadian Society for Chemistry national meeting. yeee-haah!
May 2012: Road trip! The group (sans supervisor) attends the BC Inorganic Weekend in Squamish.
May 2012: Welcome to new undergraduates James Kirpatrick (Chem 499) and Matt Morgan (from U of Calgary, ICE exchange student).
April 2012: Group alumnus Joe Gilroy (PhD 2008) is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Western Ontario.
January 2012: Welcome to Christie Lombardi, an undergraduate researcher and Robin's first Chem 298 student.
December 2011: Daniel returns to Germany. Auf Wiedersehen!
October 2011: Graeme (and friends) full paper on 'Nindigo' coordination chemistry appears in the Inorg. Chem. forum issue on redox-active ligands.
September 2011: Welcome to new group members Corey (M.Sc. student), Genevieve (Ph.D. student) and Daniel (postdoc)
July 2011: Bart successfully defends his M.Sc. thesis. Gets to got to Law School at UWO as his reward.

June 2011: Kevin and Steve (and Robin) participate in convocation (i.e. actually pick up their Ph.D. degrees).

June 2011: Graeme wins a national poster competition prize at this year's CSC meeting.

May 2011: 'Nindigo' full paper accepted in Inorganic Chemistry as part of the upcoming Forum on redox-active ligands

May 2011: Welcome to the new undergraduate group members Carita (co-op student), Bryan (ICE student) and Lauren (Chem 498).