This fall (2021) we will have a semi-active seminar. We anticipate talks from Ahmad Issa, Keegan Boyle, Ranjit Sohal and perhaps others.
Oct. 28th
Speaker: Ahmad Issa (UBC)
Title: Equivariantly slicing symmetric knots
Abstract: A knot K in the 3-sphere is slice if it bounds a disk in the 4-ball. If the knot K has a symmetry (e.g. K is periodic), we say that K is equivariantly slice if it bounds a disk in the 4-ball where the symmetry of the knot extends to a symmetry of the disk in the 4-ball. I'll discuss some joint work with Keegan Boyle on trying to understand equivariant sliceness.
Location: Clearihue C316, 11am--12pm
Oct. 29th
Speaker: Keegan Boyle (UBC)
Title: Equivariant knot signatures
Abstract: The knot signature demonstrates an important connection between knots and 4-manifolds. In this talk we will recall the construction of this invariant and discuss a new extension, the equivariant signature, to knots with certain symmetries. We will include a brief overview of symmetries of knots and some geometric applications of the equivariant signature.
Location: Clearihue B215, 11am--12pm