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A formatted version of the conference program will not be available until late May. Until then, you may access a draft of the conference program in three parts (all PDF files):

  1. a one-page outline of the program schedule in brief
  2. a grid of concurrent sessions showing presentations at a glance
  3. a complete listing of sessions, participants, affiliations, and presentation titles

If you are scheduled to participate in the conference, please use the search function of your PDF viewer to check your name, affiliation, and presentation title carefully in the complete listing and send any corrections to Dan Philippon at: danp [at] umn [dot] edu. Note that this listing is in plain text, so book titles are not italicized.

For readability, session times are not given in the complete listing. To find the time of your session, simply match the letter of your session given in the complete listing to the session time, which appears on both the program in brief and the grid.

These documents are current as of May 15.


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