Canadian Families Project


Last update: June 1998

Block, Tina (MA in progress, UVic), "Gender, Family and Religion in B.C., 1945-1960" (supervisor: Marks).

Boudria, Daniel (MA, Ottawa, 1997), "Le premier sondage canadien sur le bilinguisme: le recensement decennal de 1901 et la dualite linguistique au canton de Longueuil, Ontario" (supervisor : Gaffield).

Bréard, Julien (MA in progress, Sherbrooke), "L'économie familiale en milieu ouvrier estrien. L'exemple du Quartier Sud de Sherbrooke" (supervisor: Gossage).

Buck, Ian (MA in progress, UVic), "The Family Economy and Social Space in Vancouver c.1901" (supervisor: McCann).

Buddle, Melanie (PhD in progress, UVic) "Women, Family and Entrepreneurship in British Columbia, 1860-1980" (supervisor: Baskerville).

Cantin, Marc (MA in progress, Sherbrooke), "Vivre la grève de l'amiante, 1949. Culture ouvrière et famille" (supervisor: Gossage).

Clayton, Jenny (BA Honours thesis in progress, UVic), "Vernon BC: A Community History" [uses the Vernon BC over-sample of the 1901 census] (supervisor: Marks).

Clubine, Christopher (PhD in progress, York), "Aspects of the Fertility Decline in English Canada in the late Nineteenth Century" (supervisor: Darroch).

Côté, Lisette (MA in progress, Sherbrooke), "La vieillesse au Québec au XIXe siècle. Le cas de Saint-Hyacinthe" (supervisor: Gossage).

Dillon, Lisa (postdoctoral fellow, UVic and Ottawa), "Family Dynamics Across Time and Space: Intergenerational Relations and Household Patterns in Late Victorian Canada and the United States"

Evans, Caroline (Master's Research Paper, York, 1996), "Redeeming Virtues: Religion, Class, and "Fallen" Women, 1875-1900" (supervisor: Bradbury) [compares treatment of single mothers by the Salvation Army homes and the Toronto Infant's Home].

Fahrni, Magda (PhD in progress, York) "Renegotiating Family: Montreal in the 1940's" (supervisor: Bradbury).

Fortier, Annemarie (MA in progress, Sherbrooke), "Le mariage en Estrie au tournant du XXe siècle. Aspects démographiques" (supervisor: Gossage).

Freedman, Joel (MA in progress, UVic), "Race and the Construction of Whiteness in B.C." [uses the CFP census databases] (supervisor: Sager).

Garrett, Heather (PhD in progress, York), "Domestic Work and Women's Labour Force Participation in Ontario, 1861 and 1871" (supervisor: Darroch).

Jordan, David (MA in progress, UVic), "The Social Geography of Working-Class Neighborhoods in Victoria, B.C., in 1901" (supervisor: McCann).

Laforce, Catherine (MA in progress, Sherbrooke), "Économie familiale et fécondité à Sherbrooke et Saint-Hyacinthe en 1901. Étude comparative" (supervisor: Gossage).

Lefebvre, Chris (BA Honours thesis, York, 1997) "Single, Deserted, Divorced: Laws on Single Parenting in Ontario" (supervisor: Bradbury).

Lorenzkowski, Barbara (PhD in progress, Ottawa), "German Immigrant Families in North America, late 19th-early 20th centuries" (supervisor : Gaffield).

Marceau, Nathalie (MA in progress, Sherbrooke), "Quitter le foyer familial au XXe siècle. L'évolution d'une transition dans les itinéraires de vie à travers trois générations" (supervisor: Gossage).

Marshall, Gordon (BA Honours thesis, York, 1996) "White Collar, Ink Stained Hands: A Social History of Masculinity and Family in the Turn of the Century Toronto Printing Trades" (supervisor: Bradbury).

Mattys, Sean (MA in progress, UVic), "Lodgers and Boarders in Urban British Columbia" (supervisor: Sager).

McLean, Lorna (post-doctoral fellow, York) "Marital Dissolution in 19th Century Ontario" (working with Bradbury).

Miron, Janet (Master's Research Paper, York, 1997) "Youth in Reform Institutions in the Late Nineteenth Century" (supervisor: Bradbury).

Morier, Christopher (PhD in progress, UVic), "A Social and Cultural History of Vancouver Island Coal Mining Families, 1900-1950" (supervisor: Sager).

Pan, Belle (MA Research Paper, York, 1998), "Widows and the Law in Nineteenth Century Ontario" (supervisor: Bradbury).

Perrier, Sylvie (SSHRC post-doctoral fellow, Sherbrooke), "L'éducation des enfants dans la France d'Ancien Régime et en Nouvelle-France: investissement familial et choix de société" (working with Gossage).

Stairs, Michelle (PhD in progress, York), "Bachelors and Spinsters in 19th century PEI" (supervisor: Bradbury).

St. Jean, Eva (MA in progress, UVic), "Swedish Immigrant Families in British Columbia, 1920s-1940s" (supervisor: Sager).

Zitney, Rhonda (MA in progress, York), "Late-Nineteenth Century Views of Reproductive Control in English Canada" (supervisor: Darroch).

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