No. 200 Autumn 2017
Fiftieth-Anniversary Issue

Victoria PAST,
Victoria PRESENT,
Victoria FUTURE


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  • Mike Doyle, "The Night Watches"
  • P. K. Page,  Two Poems ("Fire Escape," "A Wet Spring")
  • Robin Skelton, "Christmas Day, 1979"
  • Yvonne Blomer, "Craning my neck from the back of the class photo"
  • Shane Book, Two Poems ("S.T.AR.S. [Strategic Tactical Armed Response Squad]" and "Beast Friend")
  • Marilyn Bowering, "Soul Leading"
  • Lorna Crozier, Two Poems ("God of the Dead" and "God of Balconies")
  • Jamie Dopp, "My Father with Jesus Hair"
  • Karen Enns, "Changing the Clocks"
  • Patrick Friesen, Two Poems ("dying to be seen" and "this room, my algate")
  • Dorothea Grünzweig, Two Poems ("in my clear enchanting wilderness" and "evening at the edge of the incarnate world")
  • Eve Joseph, Two Poems ("I rarely leave my room…" and "All afternoon an elephant bellows")
  • Michael Kenyon, "Extraction"
  • Patrick Lane,  Two Poems ("Living in a Phantom Hut" and "Chacabuco")
  • Tim Lilburn, Two Poems ("Where" and "Shame")
  • Arleen Paré, Two Poems ("Key-Shaped, the Shadow" and "Come the Ungulate")
  • Philip Kevin Paul, "Ceremony"
  • Janet Rogers, "Snow Storm"
  • Linda Rogers, "Old Stones"
  • Susan Stenson, Two Poems ("Anecdote, Elegy" and "Love, Slug, Sand")
  • Patricia Young, Three Poems ("The End of Poetry," "Dream of the Newborn" and "Mice")
  • Terence Young, "Legacy"
  • Leah Callen, "Little Bugger"
  • Rhonda Ganz, "Sojourn to a minor planet"
  • Alisa Gordaneer, Two Poems ("Phase Boundary: Oxidation" and "Bromine")
  • Danielle Janess, "Habitude"
  • Kate Kennedy, "Parallax"
  • Julie Paul, "Esquimalt Road"
  • Kyeren Regehr, "Neti Neti"
  • Jim Roberts, "Public Transport"
  • Terence Young, "Parallax"
  • Morgan Cross, "Folding"
  • Jason Jobin, "Before He Left"
  • Brock Zawila, "Lake Blouin Symphony: A Listening Guide"
Creative Nonfiction
  • Emily Carr, "Afterglow"
  • Charles Lillard, "A Perfect Place to Write"
  • Sheila Munro, "The Tragedy of Reticent People"
  • Madeline Sonik, "Stay Sick, Turn Blue"
  • Annabel Howard, "Runner's High"
  • Paige Lindsay, "Moving"
  • Luke Ramsey, Ripples, 2013, ink on paper, digital colour
Contributor Notes
  • Forthcoming
Sponsorship Acknowledgement
  • The Good Foundation
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P. K. Page: A Tribute


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