The Reverend Simeon MacGregor
The Reverend Simeon MacGregor was the minister of St Andrew's from 1870 to 1881.

Reverend Simeon MacGregor

He arrived in Victoria on the ship Telfair on December 29, 1869 with his wife and three children, having sailed around the Horn from Nova Scotia. He had initially intended to serve in Victoria only as relief during Mr. Somerville's absence in Scotland. When notice came that Somerville had accepted a call to St David's Kirkintilloch, the congregation asked MacGregor to stay on as their minister. (1)

Like his predecessor, MacGregor was actively engaged in the expansion of the Church in British Columbia. The rift with First Presbyterian Church was largely healed during his ministry and both congregations enjoyed healthy growth. Perhaps his most important contribution came in 1875 when he traveled to Scotland to press the case for additional missionaries for British Columbia before the Colonial Committee of the Church. At the time, Thomas SomervilleThomas Somerville was a minister at St. Andrew's , his predecessor, was chair of the committee. MacGregor was successful in attracting four new ministers to return to British Columbia. With the expansion of the church the Presbytery of British Columbia was formed with MacGregor as its first moderator.

Both MacGregor and his wife were active in the social life of the community. He served as the chaplain of the St Andrew's and Caledonian Society (3), a charitable organization while she organized a number of fund-raising events like soirees and strawberry socials with the ladies of the church.

He returned to Scotland in 1881 to take up as position at Fort Augustus on Loch Ness. He preaching his farewell sermon on February 7th.

Simeon MacGregor died in Edinburgh on December 5, 1906

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