The Original Stained Glass Windows

The Rose Window

Shepards Hear of The Birth of Christ

Joseph, Mary And The Christ Child

The Canada - Scottish Regimnetal Window

The windows on the east wall overlooking Douglas Street were installed some five months after the January 1890 opening of the "new" church. They are dedicated to the memory of Robert DunsmuirWas an early but inconsistent member of St Andrew's and a coal mine founder., the builder of Craigdarroch Castle. The widows were made in Germany by Linnman and came to Victoria by sailing ship around Cape Horn. The figure in the centre of the rose is St Andrew, surrounded by eight angels, four with trumpets and four with harps.

To the left are windows depicting the Christmas story. In one, shepherds hear the good news from an angel bearing an olive branch. In the next we see Mary with babe in arms and Joseph in the background. In the window that accompanies this the three kings, all richly attired in oriental costume kneel in worship. Above each pair of windows there are elegant floral accent windows. The colours of these striking windows are more muted than the remaining windows of the church which are all of Canadian manufacture. Originally the remaining windows were muted panels of tinted glass. The reamining windows were not installed until after 1946, more than fifty years later.

World War 2 Memorial Windows
The windows on the north wall below the balcony were installed in 1946 as a memorial to those who died in World War II. They were made in Toronto by Meikle Studios. The Navy window is a Christmas scene and bears the fouled anchor of the Navy and the burning bush representing the Presbyterian Church. Next is the Army window depicting the baptism of Jesus. It displays the crests of Canada and the Canadian Scottish Regiment, this is seen in the left-hand column. At the time, the Rev J. Lewis Mclean was also the chaplain of the Regiment. The final two windows depict Christ calling his disciples and the ascension. The Air Force crest is paired with the crest of British Columbia and the Merchant Navy crest with the image of Queen Victoria representing the City.

On the south wall are a series of four windows donated by various members of the congregation between 1946 and 1972 showing images from the life of Christ.

The Balcony Windows
The first window above the balcony was the colourful "Angel" window installed in 1946 showing Martha and Mary at the open tomb on Easter morning.

The balcony windows by McCausland Studios of Toronto are laid out in chronological order to depict the life of Christ. The first is a Christmas scene. The second shows Jesus as a youth in the Temple.

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