P. K. Page’s publications in The Malahat Review




January 1978

Special Issue, “The West Coast Renaissance”
“Evening Dance of the Grey Flies”
“About Death”
“Song … Much of it Borrowed”
“On Brushing My Hair in the Static-Filled Air”
“Sestina for Pat Lane after Reading Albino Pheasants


April 1979

Special Issue, “The West Coast Renaissance II”
“Unless the Eye Catch Fire …” (short fiction)


February 1984

“Invisible Presences Fill the Air”
“Deaf-Mute in the Pear Tree”
“To a Dead Friend”
“Deep Sleep”
“Crow’s Nest”
“Remembering George Johnston Reading”


June 1985

“Birthday” (short fiction)


March 1987

Special Issue on George Johnston
“Notes on Re-Reading George Johnston” (review)
“Crow’s Nest”
“Remembering George Johnston Reading”


Fall 1992

“After Hearing Satyagraha, an Opera, by Philip Glass”
“The Trick”
“A Part”
“The Hologram”


Fall 1993

“Love’s Pavilion”
“The Presences”
“Planet Earth”


Winter 1996

Special Issue “P. K. Page, A Special Issue”
“Australian Journal” (non-fiction)
“The Sky Tree” (fiction)
“Big Wind”
“The Castle”
“Request to the Alchemist”
"It Is like a Cruise Ship Bursting into Flower”
“Funeral Mass”
“Hidden Room”


Summer 1999

“Even the Sun, Even the Rain” (short fiction)


Fall 2006

Issue dedicated to P. K. Page in honour of her ninetieth birthday and her remarkable contribution to Canadian letters
“The Four-Gated City” (cover art)
“A Biography of You” (short fiction)


Winter 2007

“The Age of Gold”


Winter 2008

Special Issue, “The Green Imagination”
“Serve Your Planet: An Interview with P. K. Page” (with Jay Ruzesky)


Summer 2009

“Cullen in Old Age”


P. K. Page

November 23rd, 1916—
January 14th, 2010

Drawing of P. K. Page by Heather Spears

Drawing by Heather Spears