I met P. K. a few times in the early 1990s during our mutual involvement in a proposal to make a computer-animated version of her short story, “Unless the Eye Catch Fire.” One of my duties was to key in and edit assorted documents related to the project.

My reward for that brief involvement with P. K. is a vivid memory of the afternoon when, after proof-reading my work, she informed me in a dry voice that having worked in the National Gallery of Canada was not quite the same thing as having work in the National Gallery of Canada.

Undelivered Wail

P. K., you are gone and
for this morning I am
gesturing ghost,
tears etching memory

Picture your front page at
long last complete

As your time approaches the
earth twists and colours unfold
their wings

Ground falls away fiery dragon
set free, your

Escort an honour-guard of
sun-warmed souls

P. K. Page

November 23rd, 1916—
January 14th, 2010

Patricia Young and P. K. Page

Patricia Young with P. K. Page.